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“The point is to live while you are alive.”
— Jon Kabat Zinn

It was from the Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield that I first heard that the secret to life is finding peace amidst the ten thousand joys and sorrows of life. For me, compassion comes from the awareness of suffering and the understanding of the fragility of life. To dance with compassion requires us to remember there is also tremendous beauty and joy available as well. To hold our own experience and the experience of others lightly—with compassion—is to honor this fragility and still enjoy our precious lives.

Disclaimer: This is a tightrope I have walked throughout my life, and this is my personal blog. While I do include both personal and professional stories here, my writing is personal and should not be considered professional advice. If you would like a profession consultation, I recommend you seek a local professional with whom you can work.

 — Julie

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