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Building a Bridge to the Future


I have now reached the age my mother was when she died, 58. I feel tender remembering that fateful phone call: stage four, inoperable lung cancer, 24 years ago. I was 34 and pregnant with my daughter, sandwiched between two great loves of mine who never met.  At 58 years young, I feel a new [...]

Building a Bridge to the Future2019-01-29T14:50:59-08:00

Lets Talk about Love


“Where there is love there is life.” –Mahatma Gandhi”  Let’s talk about love  Love – everybody wants it, everybody needs it. Poets, philosophers, musicians and saints have all tackled the subject of love throughout the ages. It’s a word, a feeling, an idea bantered about endlessly, sometimes recklessly, and often with great drama. What we [...]

Lets Talk about Love2018-08-22T04:22:33-07:00

The Compassion Dance: Adventures on the Road toward Awakening


Song and Dance I’ve spent my whole life wondering why things happen the way they do. So far, my life has been pretty chaotic (how about you?), and only recently have I slowed myself down enough to take a closer look. Middle age will do that for you. I am inspired by the view that [...]

The Compassion Dance: Adventures on the Road toward Awakening2018-08-22T04:25:33-07:00

We Need Each Other


Whenever we experience a personal loss or collective tragedy, the innate human capacity for empathy is activated. Empathy brings out the best in people—we come forward and offer what we can—a hug, a kind word, a casserole, a blanket, a donation. The fragility of life reminds us to love one another. For a moment in [...]

We Need Each Other2018-08-21T18:24:21-07:00

The ABCs of Healing


While it may be true we are spiritual beings having a human experience, here we are—on this planet, at this time, dealing with the everyday details of life. For those of us not spending all our time in a cave or convent, the human experience involves other humans. Lots of them! And as social beings, [...]

The ABCs of Healing2018-08-22T04:24:36-07:00
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